Viprinet SD-WAN

Fast. Reliable. Scalable. Proven.

Viprinet knows SD-WAN like no one else.

For nearly a decade, we've been providing customers with the ultimate in reliable connectivity. Create your own custom blend of WANs and WAN types to achieve a bonded bandwidth available even for single applications. And network management is a snap with our monitoring dashboard and control interface.

Viprinet comes fully-loaded with way more options

More reliability

With Viprinet, you reduce connectivity costs and maintenance time. Viprinet provides native modem modules, eliminating the need for additional devices like DSL or cable modems, WiFi routers, etc. What's more, you can reduce hardware errors to zero by configuring every component redundantly: WAN links, routers, and hubs.

More bandwidth

What sometimes passes for SD-WAN is really nothing more than load balancing. Not with Viprinet. We walk the talk when it comes to SD-WAN and don't stop there. With our Viprinet Principle, you can bond the bandwidth of all available connections to form comprehensive bandwidth that's also appropriate for single applications. If one WAN fails, all user sessions remain intact.

More QoS for your data traffic

With Viprinet SD-WAN, you get fine-grained control of the handling of your data traffic. You define how each WAN is used according to your organization's unique needs.

More independence

Viprinet SD-WAN frees you from dependence on individual providers, a typical drawback of MPLS. With Viprinet, all you need is two or more Internet links of any type to provide broadband connectivity to your branch offices.

More choice

Viprinet SD-WAN adjusts to you. You determine when and where to implement it, and you select the mix of WANs. All we do is provide you with the right tools.

More freedom

Viprinet SD-WAN goes where your business goes. We're deployed across industries in on-the-go and stationary enviroments, from classic site-to-site and company networks, to M2M and full mobility for true Unified Communications and connectivity in vehicles like buses and trains. The possibilities of Viprinet SD-WAN are endless.

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About SD-WAN

SD-WAN is an essential tool for network management. In brief, it's a software-based solution for wide area networks.

The market for SD-WAN is exploding. Industry experts estimate the total market for industrial SD-WAN will reach $7.5 billion by 2020. Today, less than 1% of companies have switched to SD-WAN; by 2018, that figure will jump to 10%.

Branch experts predict that data traffic will soon be transmitted via multiple connection types with the help of automated dynamic load balancing, instead of via a single point-to-point WAN. The old methods can't deliver the speed, reliability, and predictability that today's enterprise demands. SD-WAN is the way forward.


We define SD-WAN as a network managed through a software interface abstracted from the hardware level. It's purpose is to radically simplify administration of complex networks. The result is less work for IT staff, more network adaptability to changing conditions, and easier updates and enhancements. IT staff can easily prioritize and carefully route different kinds of data traffic according to business needs.

Why does SD-WAN make sense?

  • Replace expensive MPLS lines
  • Increase network agility
  • Reduce costs by simplified operations and intelligent management of WAN resources
  • Improve business continuity by high availability and resiliency

Viprinet – a decade of SD-WAN

Viprinet has been an innovator in SD-WAN since 2006 when we patented our technology. We continue to innovate year after year, and with each implementation, we garner more experience. That's why we've extended our SD-WAN solution to hardware perfectly tailored for our software. avoiding the limitations inherent in sole SD-WAN solutions.


What makes Viprinet SD-WAN unique?

SD-WAN in general Problem Viprinet SD-WAN
  • In general, SD-WAN is only available for fixed lines because they have different characteristics compared to mobile data links. If mobile connections are included, an SD-WAN solution usually consists of only one fixed line and one mobile data connection (often called "HybridWAN").
  • Available WAN media limited
  • Viprinet is able to combine several very different access media (4G, cable, satellite, etc) to one single connection.
  • SD-WAN in itself doesn't provide any QoS configuration options, or they are very limited.
  • ​No or insufficient QoS settings
  • With Viprinet, you have a wide range of fine-grained QoS settings that allow you to adjust which kinds of data traffic should be handled in what way.
  • With most SD-WAN solutions, each active Internet link needs its own device, i.e. a modem for DSL, 4G, or cable, and each of these devices is needed for each branch office to be connected.
  • Maintenance time increases with every additional Internet link
  • Viprinet adds dedicated Viprinet routers with native network interfaces (our Hot Plug Modules for 4G, Ethernet, VDSL, WLAN, etc) into its SD-WAN solution, rendering additional devices obsolete.
  • In general, SD-WAN fail when it comes to mobile usage scenarios because moving vehicles cannot be connected to fixed lines which are a basic requirement for most SD-WAN solutions to work properly.
  • ​Only stationary usage, no mobile applications
  • With Viprinet, you may also bond together only mobile data and satellite connections, according to your needs. By that, Viprinet enables smooth streaming in HD quality while the vehicle is in motion.
  • SD-WAN becomes useless as soon as one component fails because there is no failback system.
  • ​Failure of one component means failure of the whole solution
  • With Viprinet, WAN media, routers, and hubs can be designed redundantly which means that the connection remains active even during hardware failure. By that, you get 99.99% uptime.


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