Viprinet in Business-Critical Applications

Here you get a brief insight into the whitepaper "Viprinet in Business-Critical Applications". At the end of this page you can download the whitepaper as PDF.

Executive Summary

Whenever a truly reliable broadband connection is needed, conventional service provider offerings are inapplicable at all or at least too narrowly considered. This is the reason why many customers often don’t get the availability, reach, security, and bandwidth they need – especially when different kinds of application have to be covered by only one connectivity solution. The following whitepaper demonstrates how Viprinet can give you a true advantage over conventional offers on the market for many different areas and applications. Examples from retail, broadcasting, transportation, and many other branches show the spectrum you can cover with real WAN bonding from Viprinet.

Key Points

  • Retail
  • Broadcasting
  • Digital movie distribution
  • Ferries, Cruise ships
  • Law enforcement
  • E-Health
  • ​High speed trains, Busses
  • Construction
  • Energy grid
  • Service providers – New services
  • Insurance claims
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