Broadband Internet in vehicles

Data connection without speed limit

The pinnacle of WAN connectivity is, without question, the reliable and broadband connection of vehicles, whether in state or driving. Here, UMTS / HSPA+ / 3G, CDMA, WiMAX, LTE / 4G or satellite radio are the media of choice, which can be bundled by Viprinet in any combination.

Your benefits from WAN connections in vehicles based on bonding UMTS / HSPA+ / 3G, CDMA, WiMAX, LTE / 4G and satellite radio:

  • Mobile organizational units can be directly integrated into business processes
  • Regular drivers and sales employees have packed their mobile offices always and everywhere
  • In passenger transportation, passengers are provided with broadband Internet
  • By bonding UMTS / HSPA+ / 3GLTE / 4G and CDMA of all providers available, the network coverage reaches maximum
  • With special vehicle routers, the data connection can be provided for wireless terminals like smart phones, tablet PCs and notebooks
Multichannel VPN Routers encrypt and distribute the datastream from the vehicle's LAN and WiFi network onto the available Internet connections. The encrypted data fragments passes the ISPs employed, and is decrypted, reassempled correctly and forwarded to its actual destination by a Multichannel VPN Hub in a data center. This also happens in the opposite direction - here, the VPN Hub encrypts while the VPN Router decrypts.

Broadband WAN connectivity of vehicles: no problem with the bundling of UMTS / HSPA+ / 3G, CDMA and LTE / 4G

Connecting stationary facilities can already be a difficult task. It gets really challenging though when it comes to connecting vehicles to the Internet or to corporate networks. This WAN connection has to when standing still at any place as well as when driving. This is only possible with the bundling of UMTS / HSPA+ / 3G, CDMA and LTE / 4G.

How come? The first of the specific challenges to be met when connecting vehicles are the characteristic of mobile communications. Mobile radio is available in different standards, operated via different frequencies and uses different antenna technologies. The wave propagation is affected by buildings, glass coatings and other obstacles.

Permanent handovers between UMTS / HSPA+ / 3G, LTE / 4G and other mobile phone standards

The WAN connection of a moving vehicle must be able to cope with permanent handovers between different radio cells and, at the same time, to switch between different standards too. In the GSM / UMTS / 3G network, this can be GSM (pure voice and short message services), GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSPA and HSPA+. When LTE / 4G comes into play, things get even more exciting: In contrast to the aforementioned standards, LTE is an end-to-end IP network using a special antenna technology (MIMO).

To make matters worse, no provider has even remotely full network coverage, which is the reason why the deployment of only one provider network would lead constant interruptions of the WAN connection. Due to that, a reliable WAN connection of vehicles to the Internet or to a corporate network is unthinkable without bonding multiple provider networks.

The Viprinet broadband vehicle router is an all-rounder

Viprinet has developed special vehicle routers able to combine four mobile networks and therefore providing the necessary reliability and bandwidth. They support the standards UMTS / HSPA+ / 3G and LTE / 4G. The devices have been especially designed for use in vehicles: compact dimensions for easy installation, a wide temperature range in which the devices can be operated, high tolerance to shock and vibration by firmly integrated cellular modems as well as low power consumption of only 10-15 watts. An integrated wireless access point easily and comfortably provides the connection to the Internet or corporate network for any terminals like smartphones, tablet PCs, notebooks or data and multimedia systems integrated in the vehicle. All of these are qualities necessary for WAN connectivity of vehicles.

Only with Viprinet, all demands made on a professional WAN connection for vehicles via UMTS / HSPA+ / 3G or LTE / 4G can be met. Viprinet offers bonding vehicle routers specifically designed for the use under harsh conditions.


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