For every application, there's a suitable Viprinet product

Whether mobile or stationary, whether to link a vehicle or a company site: With Viprinet, each project can be implemented. The modular design of Multichannel VPN Routers allows using the latest technologies in no time at all. For example, our first routers from 2007 support now current standards such as VDSL or LTE / 4G by the simple replacement of the Hot Plug Modules used. Multichannel VPN Hubs can too be adapted to specific purposes by additional software licenses, e.g. for video streaming or for the management and billing of complex customer structures. By this, all Viprinet products provide investment protection.

Hot Plug Modules

Viprinet offers modem modules for all access media currently established. They can be arbitrarily combined in all Multichannel VPN Router model. Hot plug means that modules can be integrated or substituted during Router operation, without any loss of connection. Thus, one can always utilize the best available Internet connections on site.

Multichannel VPN Router (modular)

The Multichannel VPN Routers are available in three variants. They allow for establishing highly reliable and fast business Internet connections - at any time, at any place. The use of cost effective consumer broadband offers helps reduce fixed costs, with higher reliability and more bandwidth.

Multichannel VPN Router (mobile)

The Viprinet Mobile Router combines the advantages of "normal" Multichannel VPN Routers with robustness and extreme energy efficiency. It can be operated outdoor as well as in motionless and moving vehicles. Even at motorway speed, it ensures the renowned Viprinet reliability and great bandwidth advantages.

Multichannel VPN Hub

As a remote station for the Multichannel VPN Router, the Multichannel VPN Hub offers high flexibility and long term security of investment. Designed for low maintenance operation in data centers, the Hubs enable stable and highly secure network solutions.

Viprinet Lifetime Maintenance

Viprinet Lifetime Maintenance (VLM) is our new service and support program. It is a bundle of software and service components with many different features available by subscription. VLM gives you lifetime support and no-questions-asked replacement service for Viprinet products. In addition, a subscription to Viprinet Lifetime Maintenance ensures that customers will always have access to high quality support, regardless of their product's age.


The Viprinet technology provides a number of features that bring about vital advantages for several specialized applications. On this page, you can find information on all software licenses developed for Multichannel VPN Routers and Hubs.

Reception Solutions

Additional accessories make the Multichannel VPN Router fit for mobile use, or help improve UMTS/3G reception.

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